Dalydress Raffle Rules

Dalydress.com Raffle Rules!

All participants who can enter to the raffle must follow the below rules without condition. 

1. Total invoice must be greater or equal to 4000 EGP without the added cost of shipping or Cash on Delivery Fees.

2. Total invoice within the period of the Raffle must remain in the amount of 4000 EGP or more in order to continue in the draw. 

3. Exchanges are welcomed, but if the invoice value is less than 4000 EGP, the participant will be removed from the draw.

The offer for entering the Raffle is from 24th December 2023 to 7th January 2024. 

The Winners of the Raffle will be announced from 22nd January 2024. 

Winners are picked at random as and only apply to participants who meet the whole criteria of the Raffle Rules. 

If you have made a purchase with amount above 4000 EGP, you will receive an email with a code referring to your participation in the Raffle. Your code will be listed in our system with the information collected from your order (Phone Number, Name & Email). Please make sure all these data points are correct to allow us to contact you if you are a Winner!

For any comments, questions or complaints, please contact us on:


Best of Luck!