About US


·       Dalydress is a fashion brand, founded in 1996 with a vision of creating a unique combination of fashion, lifestyle and experience

·       The brand was originally aimed at men’s fashion with a rich heritage in shirt- making. Starting in 2000, women’s fashion was launched with a full collection of elegant and urban styles. Dalydress consists of several lines. Women’s wear, menswear, Women’s and Men’s accessories. All products are crafted and tailored with the highest quality of materials with innovative combinations of textures, colors and styles.



The Dalydress Man and Woman are

·         The Dalydress Man and Women are contemporary, classy and seek up-to-date fashion while maintaining their own unique style.

·         Our mature customers demand the highest quality product through our sophisticated high-end fashion


            Shop Concept

·         Dalydress’s shop concept has evolved and always been a leader in new friends, material and technologies

·         The brands newest concept is a complete overhauled of the current one. Designed by one of the world’s leading

·         fashion architectural firms, the new concept aims to mirror the brands’ values in quality and sophisticated.

·         The concept’s design incorporates a modern edge, infused with an urban look achieved through the use of marble as well as gold metals


               STORE UPDATES

·         Dalydress is one of Egypt’s largest  brands with a current store number of 52, Dalydress is one of Egypt’s most recognized brands.

·         Dalydress opened its first international store in Morocco in December 2016.